Dayton Capital Partners

Why add Dayton Capital Partners to your team?

We can do almost any kind of commercial loan. Our specialty is rehab loans, aka hard money loans, and rental loans. But anybody can say that.

There’s more to lending than just money. It’s planning and strategizing for your future.

Welcome to the Team
  • At our core, we’re real estate investors. We’re still buying, fixing, selling, and renting real estate. We’ve been borrowers for years. We get it.
  • Now, we’re making our favorite lenders available to you. These are the same lenders we use to fund our own deals. If we wouldn’t use the lender, we won’t put you with them either.
  • Need to bounce an idea or a problem off someone? We’re here to help. Hey, we haven’t seen every problem that exists, but we’ve worked our way through a lot of them. Take advantage of it.

Here’s a few more reasons.

  • Your time is best spent expanding and managing your real estate empire. Not calling every bank in town and potential lender looking for funding.
  • We’re investors too. If it’s not a loan that we find acceptable as investors, it’s not here. We’ve filtered out all the junk to focus on high quality lenders who understand investors and perform as promised.
  • We stay on top of what’s available and to whom.  We know which lender will have the best pricing for you and your deal.
  • We have relationships with multiple lenders. If one lender’s program changes, there’s another available.
  • We’ve found the hidden gotchas. Ever get rejected once you’re almost done? Those little things add up to lost deals when you’ve lost time on a loan that can’t work for you.

Seth Hayes – Columbus and other areas
(937) 829-1038

Joe Davidson – Cincinnati and other areas
(513) 720-8723

Darrin Carey – Dayton and other areas, Note Buyers
(937) 458-3303

Dayton Capital Partners, LLC – Real Estate Investors lending to Real Estate Investors.