Hard Money – Rehab Loans

Hard Money Loans outside of Ohio are available on a very limited basis due to the CoronaVirus.

Normally, getting your deal funded isn’t hard. CoronaVirus changed that.
If you have a good deal in Southwest Ohio, we have the funds. Outside that area, “it depends”.

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  • Fast approvals and closings
  • Lower rates for experienced investors
  • Low documentation requirements
  • Credit matters, but we’re not credit intense (We do look. 600 min, 620 better, 640 preferred)
Loan Minimums

If you’re in the Dayton, Cincinnati, or Columbus area, there is not a loan minimum.

If you are outside our local footprint, the minimum loan is $75,000. 

Down Payment

You will have a down payment. Most often it’s 20%-25% of the purchase price with a minimum of down payment of $10,000.

(Not available currently) For experienced borrowers the down payment could be reduced to 10% of the project cost (purchase + rehab).

Rehab Funds

We can usually fund 100% of the Rehab.

Loan Costs

We don’t have a long list of fees and charges. For a $100,000 loan, it’s 4 points + $130, + title company fees. If the loan is under $100,000, it’ll be more than 4 points, but no more than $4,000. You can look it up on the specific loan program page. (Pages not created yet.) If an appraisal is required, you’ll pay that.

Interest Rate

Varies with experience and Loan-To-Value. It ranges from 7.99% to 12%. You can look it up on the specific loan program page. (Pages taken down due to recent changes.)

Loan Terms

Twelve months with monthly interest only payments.

Additional Info

Hard money loan requirements for most property types are similar. We focus on 1-4 family residential and apartments, but we’ve also done condos, townhomes, shopping centers, mixed use, and more. Terms may vary.

Apply for your Hard Money Loan Here

Note:  Interest Rate and program terms are subject to change.  Final terms vary according to the specifics of the loan transaction.  Please call for details.

Private Money is currently available in Dayton, Columbus, Cincinnati, and nearby areas.

The lower rate hard money below may be available on a limited basis in 39 states. Requirements are changing frequently, the flyer is a rough guide only. Due to Covid-19, the lower-rate program is currently on-hold. We’ll have it back as soon as possible.