Hard Money – Rehab Loans

Getting your deal funded isn’t hard. If you have the deal, we have the funds.

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  • Fast approvals and closings
  • Lower rates for experienced investors
  • Low documentation requirements
  • Credit matters, but we’re not credit intense (We do look. 550 min, 620 better, 640 preferred) 
Loan Amount: $75,000 to $5,000,000+ (Best rates and terms)

$50,000 to $75,000 (yes, but the fees don’t go down much)

<$50,000 (Dayton & Cincinnati region only)

Loan-to-Value: 80% of purchase + rehab is typical. For a great deal, it could be as much as 90% of purchase price and 100% of Rehab
Up to 70% of As-Is Value
Up to 70% of ARV
Origination & Broker Points: 4 pts ($4,000 min) Lower for loans under 100k.
Lower for repeat borrowers.
Other Fees: 3rd party fees charged at cost. Some funding sources have a doc fee.
Interest Rates: Typical is 12%
As low as 9%; up to 15%
(based on LTV & experience)
Closing Timeline: Up to 21 days from completed app and all docs.
Faster for repeat borrowers
Commitment Fee: May be required, but not until after your deal is analyzed. Loan Term: 12 months is typical.
Transaction Type: Purchase or refinance Rate Type: Fixed Rate, Interest only payments

Funding above is for 1-4 family residential, condos, townhomes and apartments. Other property types can be funded. Terms may vary.

Apply for your Hard Money Loan Here

Note:  Interest Rate and program terms are subject to change.  Final terms vary according to the specifics of the loan transaction.  Please call for details.