Apply for Hard Money


Here are the four forms you need to apply and get your rehab loan or hard money loan started. If you need a Rental Loan, go to

Application and Broker Agreement This gives us the basic information we need to get you matched up with the best loan. It also summarizes what to expect from the process. Remember to submit the additional documents listed on the application. If you are asking for a loan under 75,000, we’ll definitely need two years tax returns in addition to the docs on the list. Any loan MAY require tax returns. Also included is the Broker Agreement; we’re working for you, and we get paid for getting you approved and funded. There are also some disclosures to sign and return.

Experience in real estate We all know newbies have the highest risk. Fortunately, as you gain experience, we can get you even better rates. The hardest part will be making the initial list of deals you’ve done. Professional rates (75+ deals) are 2-3% lower. It only takes a couple deals to start getting better rates and terms. Track your deals with this spreadsheet.

Scope of Work Template This gives us a general idea of the work you have planned for the property. It is not a substitute for a contractor quote.


We can issue a “Prequalification letter” once we receive your completed application.

For us to issue a “Pre-approval letter” I will need all the documents listed on the application and a copy of your credit report with FICO scores. There are several ways to get these, but they must be FICO. We could pull credit scores for you, but the additional inquiry may lower your score. So we have you pull it, then the final lender will do their own pull.

Common Questions:

There are usually 4 total points ($4,000). That includes the broker AND the lender origination fee. Points will vary according to the specifics of the property, borrower, and other factors.

The rest of the closing costs will be typical pass through costs, Closing, Title Co, etc.

The first hard money loan usually takes 3-4 weeks to complete from the time we have a complete application with supporting documentation. The next ones are faster.

We usually only need a BPO, but an appraisal MAY be required in some cases.