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APPLY HERE (the old way)

If you need a Rental Loan, go to

We are moving to an online application. Start your application there. You’ll still need to complete some forms that we don’t have online yet. You can download individual forms from the forms page, complete them, then upload them to your application.

The rest of this page is for anyone who still needs to use the old tedious manual process. Really though, you should use everything available in the online application as your first choice.

This page will disappear when everything is available in the online application.

Application and Broker Agreement This download has all but two of the forms needed for a new borrower. The other two are the Scope of Work Template, and the in Experience in real estate  form.  A repeat borrower only needs to submit information releated to the new property, and resubmit any items that have changed or expired. If we have it once, we don’t need it again.

We use all this information to get you matched up with the best loan for you and your rehab project. It also summarizes what to expect from the process. Remember to submit the additional documents listed on the application.

Also, don’t fill out the forms in a browser window. For some reason PDF don’t always save the information you’ve entered. Use the actual Adobe application.

If you are asking for a loan under $75,000, we’ll definitely need two years tax returns in addition to the documents on the list. Any loan MAY require tax returns. Also included is the Broker Agreement; we’re working for you, and we get paid for getting you approved and funded. There are also some disclosures to sign and return.

Scope of Work Template This gives us a general idea of the work you have planned for the property. It is not a substitute for a contractor quote. We’ll need this for every property. Use the dropdown fields, and make sure you indicate the finish quality.

Experience in real estate We all know newbies have the highest risk. We ask for 3 deals on the application. It’s OK if this is your first deal. It only takes a couple deals to start getting better rates and terms. Track your deals with this spreadsheet.
If you’re a pro, and want the pro rates, you’ll need this form to list your past and current deals. The hardest part will be making the initial list of deals you’ve done. Professional interest rates (75+ deals) are 1-2% lower.