Notes & Lending

Make Money in Ugly Properties…Without Dealing with Ugly Properties!
Hundreds of local rehabbers are BEGGING for money to fix properties.
  • You be the Bank!
  • You set the terms
  • You approve the deal
  • We do all the legwork
  • We coordinate the process
  • You profit!
Why add Dayton Capital Partners to your team?
  • We understand lending.
  • We’ve been borrowers and direct lenders for years.
  • We understand real estate investing.
  • We’re not loan people sitting behind a desk pushing paper.
  • We actively buy, fix, sell, and rent real estate.
  • We save you time. Spend your time growing your portfolio, not finding potential borrowers then screening them and their real estate deals
  • Need to bounce an idea or a question off someone? We’re here to help. Take advantage of it.
The next step
Email Darrin at or call him at (937) 458-3303. We have a specific process before we will allow you into this program. He’ll explain the process, and answer any questions you have. Once you’re approved, we can get you started.