Notes & Lending

Make Money in Ugly Properties…Without Dealing with Ugly Properties!
Hundreds of local rehabbers are BEGGING for money to fix properties.
  • You be the Bank!
  • You set the terms
  • You approve the deal
  • We do all the legwork
  • We coordinate the process
  • You profit!
Why add Dayton Capital Partners to your team?
  • We understand lending.
  • We’ve been borrowers and direct lenders for years.
  • We understand real estate investing.
  • We’re not loan people sitting behind a desk pushing paper.
  • We actively buy, fix, sell, and rent real estate.
  • We save you time. Spend your time growing your portfolio, not finding potential borrowers then screening them and their real estate deals
  • Need to bounce an idea or a question off someone? We’re here to help. Take advantage of it.
The next step
Fill out the contact form, and talk to Darrin. He’ll explain the process, and answer any questions you have. Once you’re approved, we can get you started.