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Our specialty is Private Money for rehab loans, hard money loans, and transactional funding. Most of our loans are 1-4 family and multifamily properties, although we can do just about any commercial loan for a good deal and a good borrower.

Why add Dayton Capital Partners to your team?

There’s more to lending than just money. It’s planning and strategizing for your future. It’s understanding your core business of real estate investing.

Welcome to the Team
  • At our core, we’re real estate investors. We’re still buying, fixing, and renting real estate. We’ve been borrowers for years. We get it.
  • We’re a private lender; we’re the ones doing your loan. We don’t need approval from some faceless mega-corp to do a loan.
  • Need to bounce an idea or a problem off someone? We’re here to help. Darrin’s been investing for 20 years and has had made plenty of mistakes to learn from. We haven’t seen every problem that exists, but we’ve worked our way through a lot of them. Take advantage of it.

Fast Closings!

We can typically close a loan a few days after your application is complete. Assuming title is clear of course.

Even more reasons.

  • Your time is best spent expanding and managing your real estate empire. Not calling every bank in town and potential lender looking for funding.
  • We’re investors too. We’re not someone who just sits behind a desk and reviews applications.
  • We work with you make sure the project works for your goals..
  • We’ve taken all the things that frustrated us as borrowers, and got rid of most of them. Hey, the deal still needs to make sense.
  • Ever get rejected once you’re almost done? It’s even worse is when it’s for something that was known right up front. 99% percent of the people who pass our interview process will get their loan closed. If there is an issue that may prevent it from closing, we’ll tell you right up front.

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