Note Investing

Note Investing

When you want to be a little less hands-on with your real estate investing, Notes are a great solution. A note has scheduled interest payments, and no tenants or contractors to deal with. You can literally be the bank.

Why use Dayton Capital Partners for Notes?

We save you time. Spend your time growing your portfolio, not looking for borrowers, analyzing deals, and sorting through all of them to find the good ones. Did I mention the paperwork?

  • We do all the legwork
  • We coordinate the process
  • We close the loan
  • You select your deals
  • You profit!
More than a Lender

At our core, we are real estate investors. As active investors we have hands-on experience with both side of a real estate deal.

  • We understand real estate investing.
  • We understand borrowing and lending.
  • We’ve been borrowers and direct lenders for years.
  • We’re not loan people sitting behind a desk pushing paper.
  • We actively buy, fix, sell, and rent real estate.
  • Need to bounce an idea or a question off someone? We’re here to help. Take advantage of it.
Ready for more?

We don’t sell notes to just anyone who asks. We need to be comfortable that you understand what you are doing, and you understand the risks that are involved. If you are newer to Note Investing, and would like to read our guide send an email to We’ll send it to you. It’s only about 12 pages, and covers the basics.

If you are an experienced Note Investor, you can email Darrin directly at or call him at (937) 458-3303. We have a specific process before we will allow you into this program. He’ll explain the process, and answer any questions you have. Once you’re approved, we can get you started.