Account Setup

Thanks for your interest in Note investing. Since you found this page, you’ve already spoken with us and you’ve been approved to open your account.

If by some wild chance, you have NOT spoken with us and have NOT seen or been in contact with Dayton Capital Partners, please stop now, and call or email us. (We won’t complete the process anyway). While we appreciate friends sharing the link, we want to make sure everyone has the initial information.

This page is here to help you complete the simple paperwork to get your account setup. These steps should already have been explained to you. You’ll only have to do this once, unless your information changes.

It is CRITICAL that that these forms are precisely accurate. Double check everything for typos and triple check the account numbers.

All the forms are online and where needed can be e-signed. Some of the forms require an email confirmation to finish the submission. Please look for them. They almost always arrive within a minute or two.

First, complete the W-9 Form. Uncle Sam requires it.

W-9 Form

Second, complete the ACH form. This allows us to send payments directly to your account. It also gives you the option to have us pull funds from your account for note purchases. (Not available for all account types.) Double check your routing and account number.

ACH Authorization Form

Third, enter your information into the following form. Yes, there is duplication from what you have entered in the forms above. It’s necessary. And protects you. Once again, double check your information.

DCP Account Setup

Fourth, sign up for the email list. Primarily, you’ll receive periodic emails with available notes. On rare occasions we may send something else. We never sell or share this list.

Sign up Here – Dayton Capital Partners

Congratulations, you’re all setup. We look forward to working with you.